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The Socialist Youth League of Norway

The Socialist Youth League of Norway (Sosialistisk Ungdom – SU) is a socialist and feminist organisation.

The Socialist Youth League (SU) is the youth league of the Socialist Left Party of Norway (SV).

SU organizes around 2000 members between the ages of 13 and 30. We have regional branches in all 19 counties, and have around 50 local groups. At some universities and colleges SU also organizes student groups.

SU fights for a socialist democracy, a society free of class differences. We fight against imperialism and all forms of racism.

On the international level SU..

  • supports the demand for the removal of all occupying forces from Iraq and Afghanistan
  • opposes NATO and works for ending Norwegian membership in the alliance
  • opposes Norwegian membership in the European Union
  • supports the Palestinian people’s struggle against Israeli occupation and apartheid, and supports the call for boycott, divestment and sanctions against the occupation.
  • supports the struggle for a free Western Sahara (SADR)
  • supports the abolition of WTO and IMF

Socialist Youth League (SU) is a member of ENDYL, the European Network of Democratic Young Left. We cooperate closely with other progressive youth organizations such as Ung Vänster (Sweden), SFU (Denmark) and JUCO (Colombia).

Anyone living in Norway, aged between 13 and 30, can become a member of SU. Contact us and we will send you information by post. The membership fee is 125 NOK. If you have a Norwegian cell phone you can become a member by texting «SUMEDLEM your name and address» and send it to 2030 (only 50 NOK).

Contact us:

Sosialistisk Ungdom
Hagegata 22
0653 Oslo

Tel: (+47) 21 93 33 50

Contact Executive Committee (Norwegian pages)